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Free Angel Films produce films with premium quality for the scenario that the subject presented can take off on a solid foundation. The projects are all holders of a positive outlook on the world and ensure that it highlight’s themes of past and present to shape the future. And will continue producing premium feature films and documentaries in the coming future.


The Team

We support the writers and directors in their work, giving them the greatest possible freedom of expression. We work together to show, say, to see multiple worldviews.

Judith Langerome

Judith Langerome


Judith Langerome work from a young age to the realization of artistic projects, whether in the field of dramatic interpretation (Drama Academy Wavre), painting (the Humanities Fine Arts of Namur), setting stage (Master at INSAS), production (ESEC in Paris), writing (Fremantlemedia Drama, development of fiction), and implementation (3 short films and a documentary film).

She gained experience in the development of feature films following projects in Thelma Films ("The code has changed," "The Ugly", "The key fields"), and in the production of fictions and their variations transmedia, directing projects in the company Tidal Films ("Skirt's day", "Mister Bob", "Antigone" 34 "ADDICTS"). As founder of the association Les Films de l'Ange, she also manages since 2010; and regularly to CEFPF (European Training Centre for Film Production, Paris).

Fanny Lecomte

Fanny Lecomte

Production Incharge Officer

Fanny Lecomte exercised for 7 years in charge of the business of film production. Before joining Free Angels in Brussels, it is Bordeaux that has worked for talent development of social diversity through the production of documentaries, short films and web series.

With director Lydia Hervel founded their own structure in 2009 and thus enable poor vocational rehabilitation through broadcasting. She joined Judith in April 2014 to coordinate the development of its cinematographic and audiovisual productions.

Reels rolled so far.

Methods of approach


Free Angels produced and co-produced films, the quality of the script, premium for the subject presented can take off on a solid foundation. The projects are all holders of a positive outlook on the world and ensure that highlight themes of past and present to shape the future. Angels offers free films and documentaries.

Free Angels produces first short feature films to help young talents to emerge.

Plein Soleil

"Plein Soleil" tells the story of Eric a young father, who must defend an important issue to his work. A hot day, this yuppie will realize that it is spirited miss most ... his family.

Following completion of his short film "Full sun", Frédéric Castadot rise to the preparation of his first feature film, produced by Free Angels.

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Transmedia storytelling differs cross-media (or rich media) that accepts a principal content on complementary media. Articulates an original transmedia narrative universe in different media. This universe is carried by different media (TV, Internet, mobile, radio, publishing, tablet, etc..) That provide, through their specific use and their technological capacity, an additional look at the world and history.

The various elements that make up this universe can be explored and understood independently of each other: it is multiple entry points in history.

Free Angels produces films, documentaries, adapted from existing works in strong marketing. Emission flux (participatory stories, games, docu-dramas) are also under development.

Ric Hochet

Adapted from the eponymous comic, "Ric Hochet" is written for the digital series (6 episodes), for TV (26 episodes), Film (unit 100 ') end of the 50s, Ric Hochet, brash young journalist likes to disentangle fact from fiction in complex detective stories. Investigation after investigation, he finally manages to advance his own quest ... find his father.

For this transmedia fiction, Free Angels developing a partnership with Porsche, Mediatoon RTL for financing and artistic mutually reinforcing.

Ma route de pierre

"Ma route de pierre", it is more than 900 kilometers in belgian land cycling by Jacky Degueldre, friendly reporter 62. Jacky and revives the past of his ancestors, master stones.

Documentary narration continues:

  • A documentary 80 'for TV and cinema
  • A website, which starts at J-30 the day of departure Jacky (1'30 capsule each day) before the documentary TV (exclusive content: Travelogue, forum, making off, photo contests ...)
  • Smartphone and tablet applications (GPS tours, interactive guide, encyclopedia stones ...)
  • A dedicated facebook page, which starts before the site web and stays online long after the broadcast to announce expo, book, dvd
  • A photo exhibition
  • A popular book, dealing with the cultural heritage of the stone as a travel diary
  • A DVD box

Following completion of his short film "Full sun", Frédéric Castadot rise to the preparation of his first feature film, produced by Free Angels.


Free Angels promotes international trade to meet financial partners for radiation works. Fiction catalog Free Angels are developed in co-production with French companies, Swiss, Luxembourg and Germany.

Free Angels practice the mechanism of tax incentive Tax Shelter directly with investors. The maximum proportion of the equity is so invested in the manufacturing of the film.

For films whose share of co Free Angels is a minority, we offer support expenditure of the post-production with the partnership with Sonicville for postproduction sound and Cinelab for image processing.


This documentary Suning, a woman who works for the transmission of Chinese traditions which it is derived, through the arts she practices and teaches in France: painting, calligraphy, poetry, Tai-chi. Suzhou to Paris, via Hangzhou and Shanghai, she takes us with her to discover the history of his works ... through the Great Chinese Masters.

For the production of this film, Free Angels enjoys a co-production with a Chinese company, Tax Shelter, pre-shopping TV, and a crowdfunding campaign.

The film boasts an international distribution, and will be released in European and Chinese festivals.

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We are witnessing the digital media content to inflation ... but the narrative quality slow to emerge.

Free Angels offers producing programs for a premiere on the digital with the same quality of implementation, comedian, narrative springs that movie content ... but at a very controlled and competitive cost.

The new presenters: Youtube, Yahoo, Netfix, OCS, Amazon, Hulu, Starz, ... And soon Sugar, digital creation studio and a partner of Free Angels.

Katharsis is a project of web series of short size (5 ') which, thanks to its concept, aims to offer both the casual visitor a non-linear series and avid surfer feuilletonnante a plot in the world of video games.

For the production of interactive content, Free Angels work with Creaxial Web Agency. Together we develop crossmedia device for the promotion and dissemination of works.

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